Dumpster Rental with 24Hr delivery in Kansas City Area!

10, 20 and 40 Yards Dumpsters Available

Waste Dumpster Rental

Waste Dumpster Rental

For affordable waste dumpster rental, count on Trash King as a viable alternative to junk removal services.

Renting a waste dumpster has many benefits over calling for a junk removal. Feel free to browse the Trash King.ca website to find the perfectly sized dumpster for your needs.

Trash King is proud to offer same day dumpster deliver- something not every waste dumpster rental agency is able to provide. At Trash King, they recognize the high demand for timely dumpster delivery and set up for clients who have projects that have a schedule to maintain. Unless the rental agency you call expressly tells you they’ll have your dumpster delivered on the same day that you need it, you may be left waiting several days for a service you need immediately.

Call Trash King at (604) 433-5865 to schedule a timely delivery of a waste dumpster and rest easy knowing it will arrive when you need it. With the perfect bin option for every size and scope of project, you won’t overpay for waste removal. Consider just a few of the benefits of renting a dumpster for your workspace:

Cost Effective

Waste dumpster rental from Trash King is probably more affordable than you thought it was. Feel free to check on pricing from the Trash King.ca website’s home page by clicking on the Bin Rentals link and selecting Bin Rental Pricing. There, you’ll find a comprehensive chart of waste bin sizes, uses and prices to assist you in selecting the right bin for your project.

Greater Safety

Keep your workspace safe for employees and visitors to your site by keeping garbage and debris up off of the ground and safely disposed of in a dumpster. Without a focused location for debris and other garbage, it can tend to pile up in certain areas around your site, creating accident-prone areas and more work for employees later on. A dumpster is the perfect central-location for stray materials, debris and all types of garbage that could otherwise pose a problem.

Increased Productivity

If your workers are spending too much time focusing on cleanup, a dumpster can effectively transfer their focus back to the job at hand. Not only will a waste dumpster rental make garbage and debris less of a problem, Trash King can ensure it’s timely removal from your site with a single phone call, with a replacement bin if necessary.

The Right Size For Every Job

Regardless of your needs, there’s a perfectly-sized dumpster for your project- even Mini Bins for residential projects or homes with smaller yards that may not accommodate a full-size dumpster. Trash King’s smaller trucks can bring in smaller bins that can fit into almost any tight spot. Call customer service at (604) 433-5865 if you have any questions or would like to speak with a specialist. Contact Trash King for same day waste dumpster rental for your residential or commercial project and experience the difference working with dedicated experts makes.

Waste Dumpster Rental

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40 Yard Dumpster

40 yard roll off containers hold approximately 16 pick-up trucks of debris. They’re often used for projects like large home renovations or construction, commercial clean outs, siding or window replacement for a large home.

20 Yard Dumpster

20 Yard Dumpster Kansas City

20 yard roll off containers hold approximately 8 pick-up trucks of debris. They’re often used on projects like carpet or flooring removal for a large house, large garage or basement cleanouts, roof replacements up to 3000 sq ft, or a deck removal up to 400 sq ft.

10 Yard Dumpster

10 ft Dumpster Kansas City

10 yard roll off containers hold approximately 4 pick-up trucks of debris. They’re often used on projects like small bathroom or kitchen remodels, garage or basement cleanouts, small roof replacements up to 1500 sq ft or a small deck removal up to 500 sq ft.

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