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We are a small, locally owned Dumpster Rental, Junk  Removal   in the Kansas City area. We are small enough to care and still large enough to meet your needs.

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Sell Plastic Scrap

Looking for a place to sell your plastic scrap? Vikoz makes the process effortless for you, with services across all of the US and Canada, regardless of where you are located. You can sell Vikoz your company’s plastic scrap easily, and make a profit on the product you’re throwing away. 
Vikoz understands that taking the time and effort to recycle is not always easy for a company to manage, and the tools may not be available or easily obtained. That’s why Vikoz extends the opportunity to any company that wishes to take part in recycling, with a full range of recycling services to any business in any location. Vikoz will gladly drop off a receptacle for your company to use, and then pick it up when it’s time. You can sell your plastic scrap to Vikoz and make a profit on the plastics that you would otherwise throw away.
One of the greatest benefits to recycling your plastic is that Vikoz will not only recycle the product that you consider waste, they will pay you, according to the quantity, type and location. You’ll save money that you’re currently paying to have your plastic scrap hauled away, and you’ll make a profit on top of your savings when you sell your plastic scrap. Vikoz makes it extremely convenient for companies, especially those in rural areas. For companies that do not have a plastic recycling company available locally, this is a huge advantage.
The variety of services that Vikoz offers will make it convenient and beneficial for your company to incorporate plastic recycling into your daily operations, without any extra efforts on the part of your employees. Vikoz will provide you with boxes or collapsible bins for collecting plastic scrap, or even provide you with storage trailers and/or Rolloff boxes, depending on your specific needs.
The quickest way to receive a quote if you’re interested to sell your plastic scrap is to send an email to lorinhanks@vikoz.com. Include your material description, estimated total weight, location, contact information and pictures. You’ll receive a prompt reply with a quote.
The company that buys plastic scrap is the same company that is able to sell plastic scrap, after it has been repurposed and ready to remanufacture into products. Vikoz also offers size reduction of your plastic scrap. 
More and more companies that use plastics are making great efforts to soak out as much environmental impact as possible, and Vikoz helps make that happen with its toll grinding services. The process of recycling relies on machines and equipment that reduce the size of plastic materials, and Vikoz is far ahead of their competition in this regard. After the entire process of recycling is complete at Vikoz’ facility, it is ready to use in the manufacture of new products. Companies that sell plastic scrap and re-purchase it after being recycled are choosing the most cost-effective option.
Ready to sell your plastic scrap to Vikoz? It’s easy- just call one of their specialists at 801-673-3719. They’ll help you get set up so that you can begin to recycle your plastic scrap.

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